About WPC

Westminster Ponds Centre is For Everyone

On the traditional territory of First Nations peoples, the 14-acre WPC site holds a rich history of built and cultural heritage. Formerly a veterans' recuperative village built following World War II, the site has several existing buildings and a powerful legacy of serving Veterans and mental health. 

The Westminster Ponds Centre has continued to develop rapidly since it was launched in 2019. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, throughout 2021 and into 2022, the WPC has taken important steps towards reaching its full potential as a revolutionary catalyst for environmental change and action in the London-Middlesex region.

In the past few years, the focus has been on attracting new partners to the WPC, renovating the Bruce and Huron pavilions into dedicated spaces for environmental organizations and education, and running and expanding the Signal Boost Initiative, an environmental education program.

A community consultation process will determine what kinds of additional environmental programs, partners, and spaces will be most impactful and valuable at the WPC. There will be something for everyone who cares about the environment and wants to make a difference in their community.