Urgent Need for Greater Community Sustainability

We are facing a multitude of environmental issues on local, regional, and global levels. Our daily lives and environment are already being impacted by the choices of past and current generations.

Environmental sustainability is the foundation of a truly thriving community, especially in the face of human-driven environmental degradation and climate change.

As a gateway to environmental learning and innovation, Westminster Ponds Centre will be an invaluable new resource and primary driver of our community sustainability journey.

There is no dedicated community space in London where people can discover, explore and develop environmental sustainability. WPC will fulfill this long-standing gap offering a new and unique resource, while inspiring environmentally conscious behaviour.

Areas of sustainability will include:

  • Sustainable communities and economies
  • Green building
  • Renewable energy
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Nature-based mental health
  • Urban green spaces

ReForest London plans to make the Westminster Ponds Centre as sustainable as possible and showcase these technologies. Work that has already taken place on site includes replacing the propane boiler with sustainable geothermal heating systems, making the WPC free of fossil fuels. LED lights have replaced old fluorescent lighting in the Bruce and Huron Pavilions, and a solar hot water tank provides hot water in the Bruce. Over the next few years, work will be done to transform WPC into a net-zero property, exploring how to reduce consumption and produce green energy on site.

Westminster Ponds Centre will be a catalyst for environmental change!