Environmental Leadership Project

In 2020, Westminster Ponds Centre welcomed the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) to the Westminster Ponds Centre's Huron Pavilion.

TVDSB is running an innovative Environmental Leadership Project (ELP) that allows students and teachers to spend the semester at the Huron Pavilion which is away from regular high school life and surrounded by nature. Known specifically as the H3-ELP program, it uses a "head, heart and hands" approach to transformative learning.

The Environmental Leadership Project offered by TVDSB is a multi-credit Grade 10 program that allows students to explore the outdoors, the environment, leadership, and civic issues through project-based learning.

H3-ELP student examining a log

We are excited that the program has expanded to include two terms, allowing them to directly impact over 40 students through the program per year. Students have been able to work with various community partners on a wide range of issues such as:

• Water assessment and river clean-up with Antler River Rally

• Bird friendly windows with Bird Friendly London

• Air pruning seed beds with the Seed Hub

• Invasive species removal with ReForest London

• ESA management with UTRCA


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