Solutions at Scale: Urban Forestry Education Series

Climate change is a continuously growing crisis with far-reaching impacts. Adding to the complexity is determining what solutions, top-down or bottom-up, provide the best results for a sustainable future.

Solutions at scale bridges the divide, showcasing solutions from the global to the community level all focused on combating the climate crisis. This year the focus is on our Urban Forests.

The 2024 virtual education program features 3 parts...


More Information, Session and Speakers

Check out our detailed event page here: Solutions at Scale Conference


Recordings of the sessions will be coming soon.

Please note, you can NOT get ISA CEU credits from watching the recordings.




More Information

Check out our first webinars here: Getting to Know your Greenspace

Check out our next series here: Urban Forest Spotlight 

Registration & Admissions

Click Here to see the upcoming webinars! From that page, you can select which webinars you would like to attend.

Please note: You must register for each webinar INDIVIDUALLY.  Signing up for one webinar will only get you into that specific webinar.

Admissions: Webinars are free! We want each and every community member to learn more about urban forests and have access to knowledge on how to better our urban environment.

This education series is made possible through the support of Canada's 2 Billion Trees Program.

Program Contact

Rachael Jensen

Environmental Education Coordinator

rachael [at]